What is the Sneez App?

Created by pediatricians, Sneez is an illness tracking app that uses diagnosis data from local doctors and user-reported symptoms to help you Get Smart, Not Sick.®

Real-time, information about what’s going around in your neighborhood.

Be Informed
Receive alerts and see illnesses diagnosed by doctors in your area to stay ahead of the germs!

Be Involved
Report symptoms in your household.

Be Smart
Connect with local healthcare providers and get illness information from the experts.

How Does the Sneez App Work?

The Sneez App uses illness data from local doctors and symptoms reported by people like you to create maps that show which illnesses are going around right now and how common they are. Have others in your community been diagnosed with Flu? Is Strep throat going around this week? Do you have symptoms and want to know if others in your area have them too? Download the Sneez app and check out the local illness maps, get access to information about common symptoms and illnesses, connect with a nurse about your symptoms or request an appointment with a local healthcare provider.  You can also sign up to receive outbreak alerts for your community in so you can protect yourself and your family.


Is the Sneez App Private?

Privacy? We’ve got it covered. The only thing we share is anonymous data to help you protect and manage your family’s health. Your personal details will never, ever be shared. The data we get from local doctor’s offices and health systems is not identified – we don’t know who has the flu, strep throat or other common illnesses, just the number of people who have been diagnosed in the last few days in the areas where Sneez has partnerships.


Why Should I Sneez?

In addition to displaying illness data from doctors and hospitals in your community, the Sneez app lets you report symptoms for you or your family members – all so you can see what is going around and stay one step ahead of the germs! As the saying goes… an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure – so go go wash your hands, get a little extra sleep and download the Sneez app today! Get smart, not sick.™


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