Get Smart,
Not Sick.

Sneez®, the real-time illness tracker

What is the Sneez App?


The Sneez app is a free, real-time, crowd-sourced health and illness tracking app that helps you stay one step ahead of the germ.

Bug going around the kindergarten corridor? You’ll be the first to know. Your kiddo wakes up with a tummy that’s not-so-hot but a forehead that is? Let the Sneez community know in a second. It’s instant illness reporting tied directly to your child’s school, grade, and places where they do their extracurricular activities. So you, your physician and your school can all work to keep the sniffles—and more—sequestered.

How Does it Work?

Just download the free Sneez app, enter basic information for each of your children and you’re ready to start spreading illness awareness…instead of illness itself. And in turn, you’ll receive complete outbreak alerts for your school community in real-time so you can react just as quickly.

Privacy? We’ve got it covered. The only thing we share is anonymous data at the school and grade level to help you protect and manage your child’s health. Your personal details will never, ever be disclosed.

Why Should I Sneez?

Most contagious germs are spread at school or during afterschool activities, where kids are in close contact. This means missed school days for your sick child and missed workdays for you, sick or not. Sneez alerts you to what’s circulating at your child’s school the second it starts. So you can take preventive measures and be on the lookout for symptoms, instead of in the dark. Knowledge is the best medicine and in this case it’s FREE. Want to stay one step ahead of what’s going around in your community? Use the Sneez app. Get smart, not sick.