Reporter Nana-Sentuo Bonsu of Triad Spectrum News recently interviewed Sneez co-founder Dr. Bill Satterwhite and Sneez user Laura Neelon who share the benefits of illness tracking in our schools and our community.

Watch the video of their interview here.

“WINSTON-SALEM — Two Winston-Salem doctors have developed a new app to give parents information about sicknesses spreading at their children’s schools.

The “Sneez” app uses crowd-sourcing information to provide information about the illnesses going around at school and within a particular grade.

Pediatrician Dr. Bill Satterwhite and pediatrician urologist Dr. Steve Hodges developed the app after noticing a need.

“About five years ago I was seeing sick child, after sick child, after sick child. And I thought it would be so helpful if I could just know what was going on around in the school and community where this child was,” said Dr. Satterwhite.

Roughly 4,800 have already registered since the app was launched in October 2016.

After downloading the app, parents provide basic child information, which is kept private, and then can report sicknesses they know that are spreading and/or view what other parents have entered.

“So if you want to report an illness for your child, you simply touch a button, the symptom comes down, you pick one of those. You can also choose from an illness list things like flu or strep,” said Dr. Satterwhite. “[The app] sends a little alert almost like a weather alert to everyone’s phone who is using the app who has a child in that school.”

Dr. Satterwhite says he hopes having an app like this will improve health overall as he stated, “My big dream is to see it decrease illness among kids, and I think there will be a ripple effect of decreasing among adults, too.”