Image result for fox 8 logo greensboroAnyone looking for a free tool that can help you be a better parent? That’s how one mom described the Sneez app in this interview with Fox 8’s Susanna Black.

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Dr. Bill Satterwhite will tell you, at first, only his wife thought it was a good idea — an app that could track sickness in schools in real-time.

“I was seeing sick child after sick child and I thought it would be so helpful if I actually knew what was going around, not just in general, but at that child’s school,” the pediatrician explained.

Now, one year after he and partner Dr. Steve Hodges, a pediactric urologist, launched the “Sneez” app, more than 4,000 people are using it to keep up with illnesses in their child’s school.

Satterwhite said the app was designed to be simple and user-friendly. Parents can download it from their app store, create an account by entering their student’s information, then enter any symptoms they might be experiencing. That information is then anonymously sent out in a push alert to parents using the app at the same school.

The instantaneous feedback is extremely helpful for mom of four, Alexis Snow.

“I have four children at four different schools so I have four germ pools to pull from,” Snow said. “Now, I can be driving and picking up a carpool and immediately find out that my first-grade daughter had something going around that day. I feel like by knowing ahead of time I’ve been able to address things faster and get my kids well quicker.”

Right now, the school function is readily-available, but Satterwhite and his team are hoping to create another function for the workplace in the near future.