Sneez: The Real-Time Illness Tracking App

By Guest Blogger Dr. Bill Satterwhite

“Is strep throat going around?” “What about mono?” “Are you seeing flu yet?” “Is there anything else going around that I should be aware of, since I’ve got you on the phone?” These were common early morning questions from parents calling into my pediatric office.  The real question: “Is it worth the time and money to bring my child to the doctor?” After all, it might just be a “virus.” Ugh!

A child with a sore throat and fever and the knowledge that Strep was going around meant a (hopefully) quick trip to the doctor, antibiotics and a return to work and school or daycare the next day.  A virus, mono, or the flu? Now that could totally upend the household for a week or more.  So, the simple question of…Read the Full Blog.