WXII: Winston-Salem doctor launches new app to track COVID-19 symptoms

The Triad pediatrician who created an app that allows users to browse medical data to see what illnesses are being reported in various communities, and more recently designed Winston-Salem’s “Mask the City” face coverings in the early stages of the pandemic, is now out with a new app designed to help business owners and other administrators track COVID-19 symptoms in the people they oversee.

Dr. Bill Satterwhite, the Chief Wellness Officer at Wake Forest Baptist Health, launched ‘SneezSafe’ in late June. He said it serves as an organized, real-time digital replacement for someone taking each person’s temperature before they come into an office building every morning.

“It is essentially like having a canary in the coal mine to do constant surveys of people,” Satterwhite said.

When workers or students sign up for the app, they are required to complete a daily medical survey of COVID-19 symptoms as determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Read the story here.

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