How It Works

It all starts with a Sneez…

Or a cough or an ache. Whatever it is, we want to help you get smart about what’s going around. Knowing the illnesses that are being reported helps you keep atchooooooo’s (and worse!) at bay, manage your family’s exposure and be more proactive about your medical care.

Real-Time Alerts

Personalized Dashboard

Community Outbreak Maps

Sneezy, Eazy, Peazy

Step 1: Create Your Account

Enter your first and last name, email, zip code and choose a password.

Step 2: Add Children

You’ve created an account, now you’re ready to personalize and create a profile for each child. Only five, quick fields of information required to register. We know that your time doesn’t grow on trees. *You also have the option to link your child’s account with another parent or guardian.

Simply select each child’s school, grade and the locations of their extracurricular activities and you’re set to use Sneez to log important updates about your child’s health.

Step 3: Log Illnesses

Now, when your child starts feeling under the weather, just click the “Log Illness” tab on the Navigation Menu. Here, you can select as many symptoms as your child is experiencing. You can also label the illness and report whether or not your kiddo has been diagnosed by a doctor.


Step 4: Select Alert Settings / Receive Notifications

Want to receive updates regarding specific symptoms or illnesses in your area?  Choose “Alerts” on the Navigation Menu. Now, you’re set to select as many symptoms and illnesses as you would like to stay one step ahead of those germs!

For Example: If your child came home with a sore throat, you could turn on notifications regarding sore throats, strep throat and common cold. Or just leave all alerts on so you know everything that’s going around, all the time.

Step 5: Monitor Outbreaks / Respond Accordingly

Stay on top of outbreaks with the Outbreak Radar, under the Outbreaks tab on the Navigation Menu. Map-view or list-view, it’s up to you!

To check for germs in your area, slide the zoom feature (at the top of the screen) to focus your search radius anywhere between one mile and 30 miles from your location.

This feature lets you quickly assess the risk in your area using color-coded warning indicators for schools near you. Schools appear in blue, yellow or red, depending on the severity of the outbreak.

Blue: Low risk of infection.

Yellow: Mid-level risk of infection.

Red: High risk of infection. There is an outbreak at this school.