The Doc Behind Sneez

Our mission is to improve the health of our community.

Dr. Bill Satterwhite, a pediatrician from Winston-Salem, NC and the creative energy behind Sneez, is motivated by a single goal: to improve the health of our community. You might even say that he wants to keep people from Sneezing. That’s why he worked with a team of talented developers, health care providers and investors to invent the Sneez app – so they could wage a war on germs and help people stay healthy. He knew that when it comes to illness – information is power. By staying informed, people can take action to keep from getting sick and make better decisions about their own health – so they can Get Smart, Not Sick.

Meet Dr. Bill

Dr. Satterwhite is a husband to Katie, a father of four grown children, and grandpa to three special little people and is frequently heard reminding them all to wash their hands. Dr. Bill  holds a B.A. degree from Davidson College, a J.D. degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (He’s a lawyer too???!!!) and a M.D. degree from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. (Seriously  – when did this guy sleep???) 

When he’s not Sneezing, Bill serves as the Chief Wellness Officer at Wake Forest Baptist Health, where he oversees the creation of innovative healthcare solutions for employers across the region and helps the health system’s 17,000 employees achieve their Best Health. Prior to this role, Dr. Satterwhite spent 16 years as a beloved pediatrician  -first at Winston-Salem Pediatrics and later as a founding practitioner of Twin City Pediatrics (Novant Health) where he pioneered patient friendly approaches to care, like drive-thru Flu mist vaccine clinics and pagers that allowed sick children to wait in the comfort of their cars until the doctor was ready to see them. Before that, he held a number of administrative and advisory board positions within Novant Health and practiced law with a specialty in healthcare and closely held corporate law.  So there you have it; Dr. Bill: husband, dad, doctor, lawyer, inventor and grandpa. (And he’s a pretty fun guy too!)