Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I start using Sneez?

A: You just download the Sneez app and enter your name along with some basic information for each family member you want to include. Then you’re ready to start reporting illnesses, and in return you’ll receive complete illness outbreak alerts on a real-time basis.

Q: As a Sneez user, will people know who I am when I report symptoms and illnesses?

A: Individual identities are never shared by Sneez. Outbreak information is only reported in aggregate, showing what’s in a community. In fact, there is no need to enter your child’s full name or any other highly personal information. That’s all you need to get started…and stay one step ahead of the germ!

Q: How do I invite others to join Sneez?

A: To invite others to join Sneez, go to the Navigation Menu and click on “Invite a Friend.” From there you can text or email others a link to download the app (already pre-populated for you in the outgoing message). All you need to do is add your contact(s)!

Q: Why should I log my family’s symptoms in Sneez? What are the benefits of reporting my family’s illness?

A: When you log your family’s symptoms or illnesses in Sneez, you become part of a community committed to keeping everyone healthy. When you share valuable health information it encourages others to share also…providing the community with helpful insight into potential exposures. When everyone knows what’s going around it helps your community get smart, not sick!

Q: How do I change my notification settings so I can easily see alerts from Sneez?

A: In order to ensure that you see notifications from Sneez, it may be helpful to change your notification settings to Alerts. This means the notification will stay on your screen until you have the time to read it and dismiss it. To do so, you must exit the app and open the Settings feature on your phone. From there, choose the Notifications bar from the menu and find the Sneez App in the list of your phone’s applications. By default, the app will send notifications as Banners, which appear at the top of the screen and go away automatically. To receive notifications as Alerts, press the icon towards the bottom-right of your screen with the label Alerts (see image below). When you receive an Alert, your phone will require an action before proceeding. This way, you will be sure to see important notifications from Sneez.

Q: How do I share my account with another parent or guardian so we can all see and report on the same children?

A: To link your account with that of another parent or guardian, open the Navigation Menu found on the left side of your screen. At the bottom of the Navigation Menu, located just above the “Sign Out” tab, you will find a tab labeled “Link Account.”

From there, you have two options to choose from. The first option is to invite another Sneez user to link to your account. For this option, simply enter the user’s email address in the appropriate field. Then press the “Next” button found immediately below it. The selected user will receive an email inviting them to link to your account. Or, if you receive an invite to link your account with another Sneez user, just enter the code you receive via email by pressing the “Enter Link Code” button found near the bottom of the screen. Then press “Next.” Your accounts will now be linked and you will be able to see the children you elect to share.

Q: What do the colors on the dashboard, outbreak map and outbreak list mean?

A: The outbreak color scheme shows the degree of symptoms and illnesses in your area. Light blue means you’re in pretty healthy territory: there is little-to-no occurrence of symptoms or illnesses reported. Medium blue means to be cautious, as illness is present and you could be exposed. Dark blue means that there is an outbreak present. The thresholds for these outbreak levels were established by our expert team of physicians and real time data from Wake Forest Baptist Health locations.

The dashboard shows the occurrence of individual symptoms and illnesses in your area, and the outbreak map and list show the aggregate impact of all symptoms and illnesses on the community’s overall health.

Q: How do I mark the end of my child’s illness?

A: By default, illnesses are set to a 10-day duration in the app. That means that after 10 days it will no longer show up as an active illness in the Dashboard or in the Outbreak Maps. Naturally, not every illness lasts for ten days, so you can manually end the illness when your child is healthy again. We like it when you do this because it means more accurate outbreak information for everyone! From the Navigation Menu, go to “Illness Log” and click on the “Ongoing Illness” for the child whose illness you want to end. From that screen you may manually end the date of the illness.

Q: What happens to the illness information after it is no longer active in Sneez?

A: All illness information that you enter will be saved for each of your children in your family’s illness history, which you can access from the Navigation Menu.

Q: How do I remove a child from my account?

A: Open the Navigation Menu (found near the top, left-hand side of the app) and look for the “My Children” tab. Press “My Children” and the screen will show the names of the children you added to the app. Find the name of the child you would like to remove. Touch and hold their name, sliding your finger from the right-hand side towards the left of your screen. You will be presented with a red “Remove” button that you can click on in order to remove your child from the count. You may also go to that child’s profile screen, called “Child Details,” by clicking on the small pencil icon beside the child’s name on the “My Children” screen. Once you have entered their profile, you can click on “Delete Child.”


Q: How do I change information for myself or my family?

A: To change or add information about yourself or family, navigate to the “______” tab on the Navigation Menu (found at the top, left-hand side of the app.) Once there, look for the name of the individual you would like to edit. To edit the information, press the small pencil icon next to the individual’s name. You will be presented with a screen labeled “Details.” From this screen, you will be able to edit any entered information.

When you are finished making changes, be sure to press the blue “Save” button found at the bottom of the screen.


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