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Q: Where can I find the Sneez app?

A: The Sneez app is available to download for free in both the Apple App Store and Google Play

Q: How do I start using Sneez?

A: Simply download the Sneez app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and create a profile. You will immediately be able to see heat maps of illnesses diagnosed by healthcare providers in your area. Plus you can start reporting symptoms in your household. Make sure to allow Sneez to send you notifications and to access your location so that you know when illnesses are spiking in your area

Q: What Illnesses can I track in the Sneez App?

A: The Sneez app provides real-time illness tracking for the 14 most common conditions and illnesses. These include allergies, asthma, common cold (upper respiratory infection), croup, diarrhea, flu (influenza virus A and B), hand foot mouth (coxsackievirus), lice, migraine, pink eye (conjunctivitis), strep throat, tick-borne illnesses, viral illness and vomiting.  You can select the illness or condition to track from the top menu of the Outbreaks page within the app.

Q: What Symptoms can I report on the Sneez App?

A; Users can report symptoms related to the most common illnesses and conditions including allergy symptoms, wheezing, barking cough, fever, chills, body aches, fatigue, runny nose, cough and congestion, headache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, lice and tick-borne illness symptoms.

Q: Can I still report symptoms and illnesses by school or activity?

A: For now, we won’t be tracking illness and symptom data by schools. Not surprisingly, our Sneez community is a busy one, moving from school to soccer, ballet to church activities and everywhere in-between, so school tracking wasn’t providing enough information about the germs that were spreading across the community. We simply needed more data to help our Sneez users stay one step ahead of the germs. This may be a feature that we add back in a future app release.

Q: As a Sneez user, will people know who I am when I report symptoms?

A: No, individual identities are never shared by Sneez. Symptoms that you report through Sneez appear as emojis on the related illness heat map, but your identity and exact location are never shared.

Q: What are the benefits of reporting my household's symptoms in Sneez?

A: When you log your family’s symptoms in Sneez, you become part of a community committed to keeping everyone healthy. When you share, it encourages others to share also… providing the community with helpful information they can use Get smart, Not sick!

Q: How do I change my notification settings so I see alerts from Sneez?

A: In order to ensure that you see notifications from Sneez, please choose “Allow” when you see the pop-up message that says “Sneez would like to send you notifications.”

If you do not see this pop-up message or if you need to change your settings, you may exit the Sneez app and open Settings on your phone. From there, choose Notifications and then click on Sneez in the list of your phone’s apps. Then make sure the Allow Notifications button is toggled on.

Q: What do the colors and emojis on the Outbreak heat map mean?

A: The colors on the Outbreak heat map show the relative number of people with a particular illness in your area by zip code as diagnosed by local healthcare providers. The darker the color of the zip code, the more people who have been diagnosed with that illness in that area. The emojis on the heat map represent symptoms that have been reported by Sneez app users like you.

Q: I Live outside of North Carolina. Why don’t I see any illness data for my area?

A: Sneez partners with local doctors and hospitals to get the illness tracking data for the app. Our initial partnerships are with Wake Forest Baptist Health and Atrium Health, which serves a significant part of North Carolina. As we add more health care partners, our area of service will expand. Our goal is to defeat germs across the globe, so please check back soon!

Q: I work with a health system, provider group or doctor’s office. How can we partner with Sneez?

A: We are so glad you asked! We are always looking for new partnerships in our quest to defeat germs across the globe! Contact us at Contact@sneezapp.com

Q: I would love to promote the Sneez app to my school, community or other group so we can all stay healthier. Can you help?

A: YES!  We love to share our Sneez flyers and other materials and speak to larger groups in the community about Sneez and our mission to defeat germs and the spread of illness.  Contact us so that we provide materials or set up a Sneez event.

Q: How do I mark the end of my household member's symptoms?

A: By default, symptoms are set to expire after 5-days on the app. That means that after 5 days the symptom (emoji) will no longer show up as active on the Outbreak heat map or in your household member’s Symptom History.

Naturally, not every illness lasts for 5 days, so you can manually end the symptom when your child is healthy again. We like it when you do this because it means more accurate information for everyone! From the More menu, go to “Symptom History” and click on the “Ongoing” symptom for the household member whose symptom you want to end. Then click on “End Symptom” and choose the end date.

Q: How do I change information for me or my household?

A: To change or add information about yourself or your household, navigate to the “My Household” page from the More menu (found at the bottom, right side of the app.) Once there, look for the name of the individual you would like to edit. To edit the information, press the small pencil icon next to the individual’s name. You will be presented with a screen labeled “Details.”where you can edit name, zip code, gender and year of birth for each of your household member profiles. From this screen, you will be able to edit any entered information.

When you are finished making changes, be sure to press the blue “Save” button found at the bottom of the screen.

Q: What happens to the symptom information after it is no longer active in Sneez?

A: All symptom information that you enter will be saved for each of your household members on the My Household page that you may access from the More menu.


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