How It Works

It all starts with a Sneez…

Or a cough or an ache. Whatever it is, with Sneez you can be Smart about what’s going around.  Knowing which illnesses are spreading in your community helps you keep atchooooooo’s (and worse!) at bay –  by washing your hands, wiping off that shopping cart handle and avoiding certain places where germs like to hangout.  And if sickness does strike, the Sneez app can help you connect to expert care nearby – right when you need it most.

Real-Time Alerts

Outbreak Maps

User-reported Symptoms

Sneezy, Eazy, Peazy

Choose one of 14 illnesses to track

From allergies and stomach viruses to strep throat and the dreaded flu – you can track all the popular germs with the Sneez app.

Get Care with Wake Forest Baptist Health or Atrium Health

Reserve a Spot at Urgent Care, see a licensed healthcare provider anytime, day or night via a Virtual Visit, Make an Appointment Online, or in emergencies, check out the wait times at the local Emergency Department. (currently, services are limited to the Wake Forest Baptist Health and Atrium Health coverage areas of NC, SC and southwest Virginia.) Plus those in the Wake Forest Baptist Health area can talk to a nurse.




Fast and informative Medical Minute videos on everything from sleep, to parenting, to whooping cough and the common cold.  Get Smart – straight from the experts.