Spread the Word, Not Germs!

Spread the Word!

Become a Sneez ambassador and help keep YOUR community healthy!

The enthusiasm for Sneez has been, well, infectious…but we need your help to keep it spreading! The more users you have at your school and your extracurriculars, the better the picture you will have of what illnesses are going around, making you smart, not sick! Would you like to help Sneez make a difference at your school? Being an ambassador is easy. We’ll provide you with tools like school flyers, email content, newsletter blurbs and Facebook posts. And in return, you’ll enjoy a healthier school environment, reduce the number of missed school and work days, and provide parents and physicians with helpful information to make more efficient and effective medical decisions. Complete this form to become an ambassador!

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Are you a school administrator, teacher or nurse?

If you are a school system or public health employee serving schools, we’d love to partner with you! Reach out to us with some brief information here!

Share your story!

Whether or not you want to become an ambassador, we’d love to hear about your experience with Sneez. Please share your personal story or tell us how it’s being used effectively in your school or community by sending us a little info here.