Our Story

We are a team of medical professionals, business executives, and technology developers dedicated to improving the health of our communities. So in 2016, we invented Sneez, the first real-time illness tracking app, which we relaunched in 2019 to include diagnosis data from local physicians and urgent care locations – its mission: to keep families informed of illnesses such as flu, strep throat, and vomiting, in their community, so they could stay well.

Fast forward to 2020 – when we were all faced with the challenges of staying well in the era of COVID-19. Our team quickly recognized that there was an urgent need for at tool to help companies get their employees back to work, and for universities to get their students back to campus. So, we went to work – doing what we do best: creating technology-enabled solutions to help our community stay well. The result: SneezSafe. Our team has worked tirelessly to create this comprehensive solution that facilitates symptom monitoring and reporting, while connecting users easily to care when they need it most.

Meet the Team